Sunday, November 8, 2009

Take Pride in Your Small Achievements‏ by Mark Foo

Take pride in your small achievements, for each step brings you closer to success.

Develop a bulletproof plan for success and let it keep you
fulfilled and motivated all along the way! It is your road map and every small task you accomplish is one step on the road to attaining your goals.

Divide every major goal in your life into a series of smaller goals that lead up to it. Then divide each of the smaller goals into a series of small, attainable tasks.

Once you take the time to figure out the smaller goals and tasks, you'll have a sure-fire plan for success. All you need to do is dive right in!

Schedule some quick and easy tasks for the beginning so that even large projects can be easily started. This helps you build your focus and momentum. Once you get going like this, it's easier to keep going, even when challenges arise because you'd already have the momentum to solve the problem and continue on.

Keep your plan flexible so that small detours around a challenge can still get you to your destination.

So in your plan, every task completed - every small achievement - is something to be proud of. Each task is an integral part of your journey to success. When you complete even the smallest one, celebrate your victory.

Today, make it a point to figure out your detailed plan for success and then jump right in to achieve those small victories on your journey.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is your plan for success?
2. What small steps can you put at the beginning to get yourself started right away?
3. Do you feel proud of yourself for your small achievements?

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