Monday, November 23, 2009

Will Smith Wisdom

Hi readers,

In this video, Will Smith shares his secrets of success.

Enjoy watching!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Move Forward To Grow Wiser by Mark Foo

As you move forward, you grow wiser.

Move forward because standing still is the guaranteed way to fail. Moving forward, whether you walk through victories or defeats, is the only way you will learn and grow.

Every step you take brings you one step closer to your goals. While on the journey to your dreams, you gather wisdom from your experiences, which helps you make better decisions in the future. In doing so, you are setting yourself up for a life with no regrets.

Be eager to learn new lessons around you every day. You are mature enough to learn from the situations of others even before you face those situations yourself. When you experience a shortcoming, remind yourself that mistakes are simply lessons in disguise.

When you experience a personal victory, take note of successful strategies that you can use in the future. If you ever encounter failure, reflect on your actions in order to perform better the next time.

Open yourself up to new challenges with confidence allowing life to be your classroom. Each day, embrace life with the expectation that you will receive knowledge from the most unexpected places.

Be daring to venture into every day, even when you are surrounded by uncertainty, because being a risk taker pays off with new knowledge that you never would have acquired otherwise.

Today, choose to walk forth into your destiny with wisdom and direction. Embrace the opportunity to learn from the many sources of knowledge that engulf you. Your knowledge increases as you fearlessly accept the lessons you are being taught by life itself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What lessons has life taught you recently?
2. What unexpected knowledge can you find today?
3. How can you share your wisdom with others?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anything In The Horizon Is Possible by Mark Foo

As long as you think you can, anything in the horizon is possible.

Always be open to the possibility of success. Look for ways to succeed rather than excuses to fail, and so you'll enjoy the thrills of success. Confidence and an optimistic attitude are the traits that pave the way.

In the classic story, The Little Engine That Could, it was the smallest engine in the train yard that climbed the mountain to save the day. He just kept saying, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..." all the way up.

In the same way, you don't have to be the strongest, smartest, most beautiful, most educated, or most experienced person to succeed. All your lights don't have to be green in order for you to get started on your journey to success.

The world is filled with examples of people who've succeeded despite the tremendous odds against them! What makes the difference? Attitude!

Develop your winning attitude daily with affirmations and positive self-talk. Congratulate yourself for even trivial achievements because what are they? Successes of course!

If you feel your confidence waning, remind yourself of your past successes to build it back up again.

When you encounter a challenge, waste no time in continuing to move ahead. Just tell yourself, "I think I can," and jump right into searching for a viable solution.

Today, make your mantra to be "I think I can." Nothing is out of reach for you if you decide it is what you want. Your can-do attitude can always bring you success!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When you start toward a new goal, what is your attitude?
2. What goal have you achieved simply because you thought you could?
3. What's holding you back? How can you move past that and believe in the possibility of your success?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Take Pride in Your Small Achievements‏ by Mark Foo

Take pride in your small achievements, for each step brings you closer to success.

Develop a bulletproof plan for success and let it keep you
fulfilled and motivated all along the way! It is your road map and every small task you accomplish is one step on the road to attaining your goals.

Divide every major goal in your life into a series of smaller goals that lead up to it. Then divide each of the smaller goals into a series of small, attainable tasks.

Once you take the time to figure out the smaller goals and tasks, you'll have a sure-fire plan for success. All you need to do is dive right in!

Schedule some quick and easy tasks for the beginning so that even large projects can be easily started. This helps you build your focus and momentum. Once you get going like this, it's easier to keep going, even when challenges arise because you'd already have the momentum to solve the problem and continue on.

Keep your plan flexible so that small detours around a challenge can still get you to your destination.

So in your plan, every task completed - every small achievement - is something to be proud of. Each task is an integral part of your journey to success. When you complete even the smallest one, celebrate your victory.

Today, make it a point to figure out your detailed plan for success and then jump right in to achieve those small victories on your journey.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is your plan for success?
2. What small steps can you put at the beginning to get yourself started right away?
3. Do you feel proud of yourself for your small achievements?