Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Inspiring Others By Working On Yourself by Kenneth T.W. Kwan

Dedicating to yourself to your personal development goals is a
great step in the right direction. When I talk about personal
development, it means dedicating time to learn work on your mental
fitness, health, skills and knowledge.

Upon completing these goals, you may notice that you have gained
some sideline spectators as well. In most cases, you are catching
their attention because of the changes you are making. I frequently
think that success breeds more success. This means that when we
have achieved a small level of success with our work, we tend to
have people attracted to what we do. For example, when I started
gaining small successes in the speaking industry, I started to get
more offers to speak in different countries and seminars.

By gaining someone's attention, you are serving as an inspiration
to others. This often happens naturally and is another big
commitment. You have committed to be consistent with your actions
and to serve as a role model for others to follow.

If you want to make the most out of this occurrence and really
impact other people's lives positively, you can use the steps
below. These steps are designed to create an amazing life:

1. Passion and excitement: A person will usually only serve as an
inspiration to others if they are passionate and love what they do.
It is a known fact that the more excited someone is about
something, the more they will excel in their work. What makes you
passionate? Does it excite other people to pursue theirs as well?

2. Goal Setting: Always set goals for what you are looking to
achieve. The use of goals has proven to be very effective and
allows for a greater commitment factor. It is important to make
them detailed so you know when you have actually reached the goal.
You can then celebrate the accomplishment of that goal and move on
to create another. This will not only keep you motivated, but show
others that goals are attainable. In addition, this will get people
to draw their inspiration from you and desire for more out of their

3. Go big or go home! You need to set goals to push your limits. By
doing so, you will achieve more and really shine to yourself and
others. The important thing to keep in mind is to make sure you are
not creating goals that are unrealistic. There is a distinct line
between goals that are challenging versus those that are just not
plausible (eg. walk on the moon without a breathing apparatus).

Another aspect to keep in mind with very challenging goals is to
make sure you measure them by performance. In other words, the
outcome might not have been the outcome you wanted but you gave
your best performance in achieving it. This means that you might
fail at times, but knowing that you have given your best shot at
it, it is alright to fail. You just need to change completely or
modify your strategy and take massive actions on it. Which leads to
the point 4 below.

4. Consistency and Persistency: To be truly exceptional, you have
to make sure you are reaching goals. Be continuous in your efforts
in reaching challenging goals. The harder you work for the goal,
the more you will appreciate it. Moreover, persistence, as seen
from an outsider, is what really motivates and inspires someone.
This persistency in handling problems is what is termed as
Adversity Quotient (AQ), where you demonstrate resilience in tough
situations. It is not talented people who succeed all the time, but
people who have strengthened their AQ over time and are able to
keep moving forward even when situations seem bleak or rough.

In my life, I do not always have all the answers, but I know that
it is just a matter of time before I find the answers that I seek.
I just need to be consistent and persistent in my quest. In my line
of work, I never knew it was possible for me to be invited to speak
in seminars or even give keynotes because I started out doing small
group training (I first started out with only three people in front
of me and now it has grown to hundreds) The question I feel is
never whether you can or cannot do it, it is always "how can I do
it?". Persistency will pay off if you keep at striving for
different ways to make it work. Will you decide to be relentless?

5. Share what you know: It is important, as an inspiration to
others, that you share knowledge you have. Let people know how you
did it and encourage them just the same. I have personally found
that some people just need you to light the fire in their hearts
and they will start their search for greatness.

It is important to remember that you need to keep a positive
attitude and always look to the future. With doing this, you will
not only enrich your life, but you will do the same for others. No
man is an island, everything we do affects another person.

Make a decision to inspire someone today!

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