Thursday, June 3, 2010

A One Stop Self-help Motivational Website

Dear readers,

I would like to share a website which I came a upon recently.

Help Empire is a one stop website for motivation and self help resources. It features articles, biographies, ebooks, photos, quizzes, videos of motivational speakers and more.

The author also offers free ebooks to people who visit his website.

Personally, I feel that the layout of the website can be improve. For example, at the top of the website, instead of putting 2 banners, putting one banner at the top is enough. As for the other banner, put it at the right side of the website along with the recommendations and ads.

I love one of his articles, title: "We Need A Coach" . The article also comes with a short 7 minutes video clip to illustrate the concept of having a coach. All of his articles comes with a audio player for people who prefer to listen than reading.

His last post is at 31 May 2010. Looking forward to his next article posting.

About the Author

Marcus Tan is an Internet Marketer. He started Internet Marketing in December 2009. He sees himself as a Internet Marketing Facilitator, helping out fellow newbie Internet Marketers and though this process, both parties can learn and achieve the goals together.

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