Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tips For A Successful Job Hunt

Go to job fairs because employers usually flock to these job fairs. In the same manner, job applicants also flock to these job fairs so make sure you come well prepared with several copies of your resumes and cover letter.

Job fairs are usually held in universities especially when graduation time is near. These fairs are also held in malls or other public areas that are accessible to a greater number of people. Look out for announcements of job fairs on the radio, televisions and even posters in the park.

Keep in touch with family, friends, past classmates and ex-colleagues. Let them know that you are looking for work, and regularly remind them to call you up when a job opportunity is present.

Read the newspapers because vacancies are usually advertised there. Make it a habit to check the papers everyday because there are plenty of job opportunities not just in the advertisements but also in the news reports.

Write up your resume in creative ways, even if you don’t have much qualification and experience. New graduates, for example, can mention their participation in campus projects and industry attachments. Describe what you did and how your contribution helped make it successful.

Finally, you received the phone call or e-mail asking you to turn up for an interview.

Do your research into the company and the prospective, before you enter their office for the interview. Find information about the company’s main line of business, and the kind of duties expected in the new job. During the interview, you can discuss what you know with the interviewers, thus impressing them.

Send a Thank You note after the interview. Even if you have been rejected, you should still send the note. Again, this creates a good impression. Who knows, when it has another similar opening, the interviewers may even offer it to you.

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